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Brighter Wounds

Son Lux is back with another collection of eclectic off-beat songs that largely eschew the previous album’s overwhelming complexity in favor of a more effortless sound that evokes their earlier work.

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The British company Brompton manufactures a single eponymous model of bicycle that quickly folds to a very small size for storage or portability (for instance on public transportation). In my few months riding my Brompton to work, I’ve come to deeply appreciate its brilliant design and sturdy construction.

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I like to change the wallpaper on my devices frequently to keep things fresh, and I’ve found no better source for great photos and other iPhone-sized imagery than Vellum. It comes with a bunch of curated wallpaper collections as well as a rotating feed of the latest 20 daily images that have been featured.

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Libratone Zipp

There are plenty of good Bluetooth and even AirPlay speakers out there these days, but a combination of beautiful designs and materials, outstanding build quality, and astonishing sound put Libratone speakers in a class of their own.

My Libratone Zipp is one of the most exquisite things I own — I’m constantly amazed that a portable speaker this good-looking can sound so incredible. This is a level of physical perfection that could give even Apple a run for their money.

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Play Dead

The latest Mutemath album is another polished mix of indie radio-ready jams (“Stroll On”), eccentric single-minded expeditions (“Achilles Heel”), and a huge variety of everything in between.

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